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Word trance reminiscent of summer nights, a racetrack, a speedometer pushing over 100 km / h, the first kisses and the 2001 Cosmic Gate superhit “Space exploration.” Trance, a music genre, is a techno saccharin and an overly caffeinated sibling. It has a style associated with so much of the sweat of a flooded afternoon at the Ultra Music Festival.

The Miami genre is no stranger, and the legendary trance duo Cosmic Gate, consisting of Nic Chagall and Bossi, is not Miami. In fact, Bossi even lives here – although he is a bit critical of the offer of dance music in Magic City.

“Let’s be honest: there is Space in Miami, and then there are commercial EDM and Latin music clubs,” says Bossi. “It’s certainly a beautiful city to live in because of the view, but if you’re looking for a deep underground music scene, maybe it’s better to go to Brooklyn or Berlin.”

Despite the perceived shortcomings, Miami is clearly special for Cosmic Gate. Last year, the duo hosted two live broadcasts from a high rooftop in Miami Beach, using the tropical horizon as a backdrop for their spacious brand electronica. Then in March, Chagall and Bossi played a set in Mondrian and used recorded footage of the glittering Bay of Biscayne for a music video for their latest single, “Guilty.”

“The weather and light in Miami is beautiful,” Chagall says. “Live broadcasts in Miami were the only time we played together since the beginning of the pandemic. It was very nice to see you. “

“Blame” is a slowly burning song with turbulent synthesizers and a lot of space in its mix. The song features dormant vocals and emotional lyrics by singer-songwriter Diane Miro of Amsterdam and serves as the lead single from Cosmic Gate’s upcoming album, Mosaic. The record will be released in two chapters, the first of which will be released in July under its own record label, Wake Your Mind.

“Every half Mosaic it’s going to be like an extended EP, ”Chagall explains. “We play such a wide range of music, with so many parts coming together. In the end, there should be one big, beautiful picture. “

Bossi and Chagall began their journey in Germany, in the small town of Mönchengladbach, right next to Düsseldorf. But they have lived in separate cities since Bossi moved to the U.S. in 2009. He originally moved to Las Vegas, but soon moved to Miami again. Then Chagall moved to New York, where he has been based ever since.

“When we started in Europe, people limited themselves,” says Bossi. “He was always techno, home or trance. But in the United States, sounds seemed to merge into one another. It was all less judgmental, more sympathetic – fresh. “

In their static periods, guys send music back and forth over the internet. Still, the duo often return to Europe, and as professional club DJs they never stay in one place for too long. They travel together so much that they have enough time to talk through the material while they are in transit.

“In the first half of our career, in 2000, we both lived in Germany, even on the same street,” Chagall says. “So it was easy to produce together. Now we send the work back and forth. We may not have the same reaction at the moment as we used to, but with all our travels we have a lot of time to sit with each other on planes and talk about music. ”

The boys are kind, if not joyful. They laugh and tease. There is a strong sense of kinship in their collaboration.

“We have different personalities – and that’s a fact, not a feeling,” says Chagall. “There is nothing wrong with that. It’s been 20 years, and we know each other inside and out. Marriage becomes harder, but our relationship becomes easier. ”

Bossi and Chagall embody the noun “trans” when they speak. The conversation is happy, euphoric, and although visually old, as people usually do, they look extremely healthy for two people who have spent most of the last 20 years hitting hard in the club circle.

“People always consider us trance, and if someone asks us what kind of music we play, it’s easy to say just trance,” says Bossi. “But, you know, if you’re really interested in what kind of music we do, listen to us, watch our sets online, come to our shows.”

Cosmic Gate’s early exit is essentially a trance, to say the least. You can easily find him next to Darude’s “Sandstorm” or Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” on the Trance Classics Spotify playlist. Still, guys have been producing for decades, and as time goes on, the style inevitably changes. The music they released during the second half of their careers is far from the feverish killers off the dance floor that made them famous at all.

“You can’t ask an artist to create the same music over and over again,” says Bossi. “After so many years, the artist is a completely different person. It may be a compliment if someone wants to hear the same from an artist, but a copy will always be a copy and will never be as good as something original. “

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